Sphinx Silica is a joint stock company whose sand mines are strategically located close to shipping routes to European and MENA region markets, facilitating export to those areas.

Sphinx Silica Company owns high purity silica sand mines in Sinai / Egypt that yield quality sand which is processed to strict and exact specifications required for glass ,white cement , foundry industries and other applications. Our sand has high levels of SiO2, reaching 99.9%, with extraordinarily low iron content.

From Start to Finish, We Guarantee…

To guarantee top quality and maximum consistency, Sphinx Silica Company has invested in costly and first-rate processing equipment to supply the industrial silica sand market with a wide spectrum of specifications.

Our qualified engineering personnel will ensure to meet your specific demands and will monitor product quality control over your job from start to finish. They will tend to all your technical questions cooperatively, perform technical reviews, assist in project planning and suggest products to meet your job requirements.

All these measures are taken to maintain strict quality control over sand size and grading at all times. In addition, SGS company inspections are made as part of our quality control policy and regulations.

Cost-Effectively, to your Doorstep…

To secure the delivery of our products at the right time and at extremely competitive prices, Sphinx Silica has acquired product transportation through its affiliation with Haram Distribution Company.

We have obtained shipping rights in the four major ports of Damietta, El Areesh, Alexandria, and El Adabia, thus having facilitated access to European, Asian and African markets.
Our team in charge of the export will provide information and assistance throughout the entire process, from the moment the product leaves our plant until it reaches our esteemed clients .


Sphinx Silica Company prides itself on having Dr. Hafez Shams El Din as its Head of Research Department.